i'm ready to go.


life is good, guys. Gonna invade ask boxes and greet all my new followers. Hayana is ready to go.

Reblog if you like someone you can’t have.




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hey kiddos. what’s up? Hayana is online. Sorry I haven’t been able to get on sooner. Busy with practice and schedules. Should be on more on the weekends though. Stay good, kids. Ask box is always open to presents.
boss-jiah sent: JHDLHSD WELCOME!!

Thank you, lovely. (/smiles)

yixing-kt-deactivated20120926 sent: Welcome to Korean Town! -throws confetti-

Thank you, mr. cute unicorn. (/giggles, catching a piece of confetti in one o my hands) this is a very nice welcome, I appreciate it.


ask your local doctor if being “bootylicious” is right for you

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Hayana in the house, loves. Who wants to talk?
inactive-bomi-kt-deactivated201 sent: Sorry this is late but I welcome you to KT i hope you are liking it here and we can be friends! ^^

Oh no problem. Late or not, I appreciate the greeting, cutie. (/smiles) so far I am, thank you~

ex-sumin-kt-deactivated20120920 sent: welcome to korean town, pretty!

Thanks, you’re gorgeous yourself, doll. (/chuckles)